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  • As a director of operation for a major Airline, I wanted to have my Dispatch experience and learn more and I can tell you there is no place I will rather be than IFOD, The instructors will go above and beyond to make sure they are not just teaching you for an exam , They are professionals and I highly recommend you come see them . They will be honest with you they will be straight forward and give you an experience for lifetime

    Kwame Asiamah
  • If you are looking for an Aircraft Dispatch school that is going to prepare you for the industry, look no further than IFOD. This school has some of the most patient but challenging instructors that prepare you for the actual job. Once you graduate you ARE ready for the big league. Thank you IFOD for all you have done for my family, I and the aviation industry.

    Coston Gomez
  • Comprehensive and thorough education process. Walks you from having no aviation experience or knowledge, all the way up to being a certificated dispatcher. If you are looking around for THE school, this is it, look no further

    Radley Thompson
  • It is a great institute with excellent faculty

    Nova Jacob
  • Amazing teachers, and training. Mark, Nathan and Anna are more than willing to help everyone reach the level needed for the ADX written and FAA final. Patient, insightful and can help anyone from zero aviation experience to experienced pilots and dispatchers. Highly Recommend. Thanks IFOD!

    A. Masso
  • Dedicated, certified, & knowledgeable staff. I have never studied so much in my life... Minimum 5 hours daily through the life of the course (no exaggeration). Well worth my invested time and money!!!!

    K. P.
  • This is an incredible place to learn about Aircraft Dispatch. It's a very intense program, but when they tell you to trust them, they'll get you there, trust them. They will. It is an incredible place.
    E. C.
  • Great comprehensive course to learn the foundations of aviation dispatch. I was unsure at first about which program to choose to get my dispatch license, but I was sold on IFOD, and they didn't let me down. Excellent instructors who truly care about their students learning process! Better yet, companies come in to interview students. I was hired about mid-way through the 5 week course, myself. I highly recommend IFOD for obtaining your FAA license.

    D. P.
  • Very good school. The instructors make sure you understand the concept and makes you ready to attend your exames. Especial attention from them the instructors it's what makes it a great school

    A. M. L.
  • Hello there to all of you who are wanting to become an aircraft dispatcher ifod is the best choice. I've studied there the professors are great they will help you until you are ready. Do as they say study hard. They also have lots of companies as they say that come to interview excellent experience you will love it.

    N. A.
  • Excellent school! Fantastic instructors. Great opportunity.

    J. M. B.
  • Very intense but rewarding course. You really do need to focus and devote your energy to this 5 week course. The instructors and the owner really do make sure no one is left behind. Also be prepared to meet some interesting people from around the world from all walks of life!

    M. C.
  • IFOD is the best option for those who are planning to persue dispatcher career . It assure knowledge with predictability. The exchange of knowledge and skills among people around The world makes The diversified environment . You don't only get the license , You get the new family too.

  • Institute of excellence in flight dispatch and operations training

  • Ifod exceeded all expectations. The friendly staff provides you with everything that you need and more. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is serious about dispatching. The classroom setting allows you to meeting great people from all over the world. From Hawaii, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Pennsylvania, and Belgium. I can't say enough positive things about IFOD!

    A. B.
  • Better Job placement, opportunities. or interviews.

    D. L.
  • I came from Hong Kong to take the 5 week course, and there is nothing negative I can say for the course. Even with a private pilot license and working in the industry for 2 years as a flight planning officer, I am glad I took the 5 week course. The course is VERY intense and requires a lot of studying after class. During the whole time the school organized for me to stay in the Holiday Inn, where a shuttle was provided to and from school everyday. The instructors have a ton of knowledge and WILL prepare you over and above for the written and practical exams. Be prepared to put in a lot of time after school in studying for the exams as it is a lot of information to process. If you take the course at this school rest assured you are in good hands.

    D. L.
  • Great team to help you become the best dispatcher you can be. The course can be strenuous, and at times you might feel that you will never understand the material. The best advice I can give is to stick to it and devote more time to this course than you do anything else, also become friends with some of your classmates because study groups certainly do help, if you do that then you will be just fine. I accepted an offer a few days ago to be a dispatcher for a charter/cargo airline and it has been very exciting, and I owe it all to the group of people at IFOD.

    C. S.
  • IFOD’s aircraft dispatcher course will challenge you greatly. The material you must learn is extremely difficult. But as its mantra states, “success is the only option”, you will get through it and understand what is scholastically possible. The fantastic instructors, Kash and Mark, will quickly understand your strengths and weaknesses and help you work through your challenges. Not only do they care about your success, they also care about YOU! I would highly recommend IFOD to anyone who is willing to put in the hard work to become a certified aircraft dispatcher!

    J. D. C.
  • Great school! Prepares you for your exam regardless of aviation experience. Staff is great and price is great..5 week and 2 week accelerated options! Wouldn't choose any other school

    M. M.
  • Great school Great Experience, Mark is an awesome instructor! I passed my ADX Oral and Written exam and was very prepared by the IFOD team.

    S. C.
  • If you want to get your FAA dispatcher license, and really learn about aviation and dispatching, IFOD is the school to go. The learning environment is great, the instructors are very well prepared and knowledgeable, they not only teach the material out of a book, they actually prapare you hands on for the real world, the staff is very friendly and very helpful. This place is just the best, after you finish they send out job notices and that is how I recently obtained a job. This is the best choice out there no questions asked.

  • What a wonderful experience! Being taught by the best and enjoying every single day at school. I highly recommend it to anyone who would love to embrace the flight dispatch world. Their way of teaching is so unique that anyone can understand..Thank you Kash and Mark and also Philip for taking all of us to the top

    P. H. Q.
  • As a 30 year plus American Airlines employee , If any of you want to consider getting your FAA dispatchers license.. I definitely recommend this school.. they did a great job for me in preparing me for my certification/license ...they are awesome......what truly separates them out from the others is that they truly care about you and will go above and beyond to prepare you to succeed .....thanks IFOD

    G. P. H.
  • Absolutely recommend. Such a wonderful experience! The instructors are great. I still think of Mike when the word ILS comes up. I had no aviation experience but you can do it if you put in the work and the amazing instructors are there to help you the whole way even after school. I met some amazing people and grateful for this experience.

    Sha WS

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