Special instructions for VA students.

Your application process begins with an application to a desired class at IFOD.  Make sure you use the comment field and state that you would like to use your VA Benefits for this training.  These are the next few steps in this process:

· Expect to be contacted by IFOD or give us a call. The VA uses your social security number to track all your benefits so we will that to get the process started.  Do not email your social security number for security reasons.

· You will complete an online form on the VA online system and so will we. Once the two forms meet up in the VA system a letter will be generated by the VA and sent to you.  When you receive this letter scan and send us a copy of the letter.  The turnaround on receiving this letter can be from a couple of days to a few weeks.

Next you will need to provide us with the following information to complete the enrollment process:

  • Send us a copy of your DD214 if you are already separated from the US Military.
  • IFOD will need a copy of any transcripts from any training you have received. There is an online option to print these records on the online VA system or contact the school you attended after High School and have them send it to us.

The VA typically will pay 100% of your tuition and registration fee.  They will also provide you with a stipend for housing and living cost under the Post 9/11 benefit.  There are other available chapters that will pay various amount of the school cost, please contact your VA representative for additionally details.

Vocational Rehabilitation

What is Vocational Rehabilitation?  Vocational Rehabilitation is a program of services for service members and veterans with service-connected physical or mental disabilities.  Often, these individuals experience limitations in getting and keeping a job as well as in their daily living activities. This program can:

  • Prepare you for a suitable job
  • Help you get and keep that job
  • Assist you to become fully productive and independent

Some of the services and benefits which VA can provide include:

Follow the same application steps as for the regular VA chapters and have your VA representative working with your case contact us.

For all students the process begins with you completing an application for a class and we will assist you through this process.

Important links and phone numbers:

IFOD email                    ifod@airlinedispatcher.com

IFOD phone                  1-817-435-4363            IFOD main office number

VA phone                     1-800-827-1000            Toll free number in the USA.

VA system form            VA FORM 22-1990         Complete this form after you send IFOD an application.


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