International students

Students from countries other than the United States, who are planning to come to the U.S. for FAA Aircraft Dispatcher training, must enter on an M-1 student visa.

The Institute of Flight Operations and Dispatch will complete a U.S. Immigration form known as the SEVIS I-20 and the SEVIS tracking form I-901.  These forms then will be forwarded to the student.

IFOD’s US Immigration I-20 & I-901 processing fee is US $750. ┬áThis includes the SEVIS fee and all courier (FedEx/DHL etc.) charges to your home address.

This payment of the SEVIS fees may be wire transferred. Wire transfer instructions are located at the bottom of this page.

Upon receipt of the completed student information form and the I-20 / I-901 fee, we will express mail the completed I-20 / I-901 visa application forms along with your admission letter.

On receipt of I-20 / I-901 documents from IFOD, you must make an appointment with the American Embassy/Consulate for your M 1 Student Visa approval.

Ensure that you have complete proof of funds for your education in the United States when you present yourself for the interview at the Embassy/Consulate.

After obtaining your student visa, you will be required to wire transfer the full tuition fees to the school, and a receipt will be issued to you for presentation on the first port of entry into the United States.

(Please contact the school for alternate payment methods if required).

This is where our students come from!

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