Thank you for choosing the Institute of Flight Operations and Dispatch for the training towards your FAA Aircraft Dispatch License.  Please follow the instructions and complete the application below.  Every applicant must complete bold text items, and other items are required based on your needs.  Some of the items are required to be completed for the FAA and are so noted.

Class Start Date (MM/DD/YY):
(5-week / Accelerated)
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Permanent Address:  
Appartment #:
Zip/Postal Code:
Home Phone:
Business/Cell Phone:
FAA Required Information (This information will only be used on FAA Applications and Records)
Date of birth(MM/DD/YY):
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Sex (Male/Female):
City,State, Country of Birth
FAA Certificates held by Applicant (please include flight hours if applicable or length and recency of experience)

Housing Information

Are you staying at a private residence (Friends & Family)>
If you want to stay at a local hotel, rates are from $35.00 per night?  
Do you prefer a roommate to save money $17.50 per person per night? (We do not guarantee a roommate but will attempt to match up students choosing this option)
Financial Information (US domestic Students Only)

If you need assistance with financing, we will send out information in a separate package.  We try to use the best lenders for our students but most options do require a second individual to cosign for the loan.  Please follow the procedures on the instructions and call the lender or us if you have any questions. We recommend that you call our financial councilors.

If you require a loan package check this box?

Thank you for completing this application for the dispatch training.  IFOD will only guarantee a student’s space in a class upon receiving a $100 non-refundable deposit along with your application. Job search assistance services are offered as part of the Dispatch training and we request that you bring a draft resume to class.  A student must be at least 21 years age to attend. Class tuition is due prior to day one of class unless other arrangements are approved in writing by IFOD Staff. 
I-20 Visa Application Information (International Students Only)
Please complete the information below.  There will be a $450 non-refundable SEVIS I-20 and I-901 processing express mail charges for all visa applications.
Apartment/Suite #:
ZIP/Postal Code :
Passport Number:
Date Issued (MM/DD/YY) 
Expiration Date (MM/DD/YY)