Military / Veterans Affairs

U.S. Military Veteran's Benefits Information


Institute of Flight Operations and Dispatch (IFOD) is approved by the Texas Workforce Commission to provide U.S. Veteran's benefits for our FAA Aircraft Dispatcher License Certification program.

Individuals who have recently served in the U.S. military and have exited, retired, or are currently on Terminal Leave, and are interested in a career as an Airline Dispatcher, should contact our school representatives for further information on using your Veteran's Benefits.

Each veteran has different entitlements coming from the Department of Veteran's Affairs, depending on many individual factors. Students should contact their local VA Office to inquire about specific entitlements.


Students should bring a copy of the following documentation to our school:

1. DD 214 Discharge papers (unless you are still active duty, then we don't need them)

2. College transcripts from any training institution that you may have attended.  Institute of Flight Operations & Dispatch must receive your college transcripts (or transcripts from any other training institution that you may have attended).

The Texas Workforce Commission and Department of Veteran's Affairs insist that we have your transcripts on hand (so that we may evaluate you for prior training and credit). So, make sure that you write a simple letter of request to the other training schools and/or colleges that you have attended in the past. We can not process your VA paperwork without transcripts! You can not get paid from the VA office until we send in your VA paperwork, and we will not do this until we have your "official" school transcripts.

3. A completed copy of the DD form 1990 - "Application for Education Benefits". If you want, you can click here - VA FORM 22-1990 to go to a Department of Veteran's page to get an official copy of this form. Just click above, print out this page on your printer, then complete it and send it (or bring with you), to our school.

Upon arrival at our school, our representatives will complete a DD form 1999. The student will sign all appropriate VA forms, including Request for Early Payment. We will then immediately forward this paperwork to the VA office in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The payment will be sent from the Veteran's Administration office directly to the student's address.

Students attending Institute of Flight Operations & Dispatch are required to pay all Tuition/Exam Fees and Housing Costs directly to the school upon arrival. The VA is responsible for re-funding the directly to the student.

U.S. Military Veterans who would like to use their VA benefits to pay for their tuition at our school should contact our us on the phone. We will help you get started on your VA paperwork. You can call us at (817) 435-4363. The process is simple. Most importantly, and foremost, is the fact that you, the veteran, should first contact your local Department of Veteran's Affairs office. They will provide you with specific information about "YOUR" entitlements.

Vocational Rehabilitation

What is Vocational Rehabilitation? Vocational Rehabilitation is a program of services for service members and veterans with service-connected physical or mental disabilities. Often, these individuals experience limitations in getting and keeping a job as well as in their daily living activities. This program can:

  • Prepare you for a suitable job 
  • Help you get and keep that job
  • Assist you to become fully productive and independent

Some of the services and benefits which VA can provide include:

  • Evaluation of your abilities and skills
  • Educational, vocational, and personal counseling
  • Education and training to qualify you for suitable employment
  • Financial assistance while you are training
  • Special help, such as Tutoring assistance, Readers for the visually, and Sign-Language interpreters
  • Medical and dental treatment, to include Prosthetic devices, and other special equipment
  • Employment counseling, career planning, and job placement
  • Assistance to become independent in daily living


Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area veterans who desire further specific information about qualifying receiving funds for training should contact your local VA Regional Office. 


If you are a Veteran with a service-connected disability, complete and send VA for 28-1900, disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation, or write to the nearest VA Regional Office. If you are a service member awaiting disability discharge, send your application and copies of available medical records to the nearest VA regional office. The surest way to obtain current information on VA benefits and claims procedures, however, is to call the nearest VA regional office. A toll-free call to 1-800-827-1000 from any location in the United States will automatically connect you with the nearest VA regional office.