Programs Offered

5 Week Program

During the 5 week course, you will attend 200 classroom hours of training, which involves a combination of engaging lectures, videotaped presentations, and computer based training (CBT) Exam preparation.

As an aircraft dispatcher student, you will get hands-on experience in advanced flight planning. Upon completing the course, you will be an expert in reading and interpreting METAR's, TAF forecasts, and many important aviation weather maps, which are used in daily airline Flight Dispatch offices. Both Domestic and Global Navigation Systems are covered thoroughly, as well as the North Atlantic Track System (NATS). NOTAMs and Pilot Reports are also covered during the course.

You will study both Low and High altitude IFR en-route charts, Instrument Approach Plates, and you will determine legal approach and landing minimums. Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Systems are studied in detail, along with take-off performance factors and Runway Analysis. Our graduating students are very well prepared to successfully pass the FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Written and Oral/Practical certification exams.


I.F.O.D. offers a One Week and Two Week Accelerated course to those individuals who have a very strong aviation background, and meet FAR Part 65 requirements. We strongly recommend the Two week program in order for the student to "cement" the knowledge gained in lectures. The FAA allows our school to evaluate each student's background and experience, and then credit them for prior aviation experience. Our official Prior Aviation Experience Evaluation Form will be your first step to qualifying for the Accelerated Course. We will evaluate your aviation background, and then advise you if you are qualified to attend one of our Accelerated Training programs. This form will e-mail specific information about you and your prior aviation experience to our staff. You'll receive a reply from the I.F.O.D. evaluation staff usually within 1-3 working days. We receive many evaluation requests every day. Each individual's background is important to us, and must be carefully analyzed. So, out of fairness to each person, we take our time. Please have patience, and we'll definitely get to you!

Who Qualifies for the Accelerated Course

  • Military Navigators
  • Commercial Pilots with Instruments
  • Military Pilots & Airline Pilots
  • USAF WSO (Weapons Systems Officers)
  • Navy RIO (Radar Intercept Officers)
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • NFO (Naval Flight Officers)
  • Flight Engineers
  • Military & Airline Meteorologists

The individuals listed above qualify for our 5 to 10 Day Accelerated Aircraft Dispatcher License Program. You must have spent two out of the last three years doing the job to automatically qualify. If your experience is more than two years old, then contact our school to be further evaluated. In many cases, depending on your total overall prior aviation experience, we may be able to qualify you. Just call or fax us your resume and we'll evaluate you and let you know right away.

Airline Assistant Dispatchers - If you are an Assistant Dispatcher for a scheduled airline, and you have been working under the direct supervision of an FAA licensed Aircraft Dispatcher for at least two out of the last three years, then you automatically qualify for our Accelerated Program. We require that you bring a letter from your airline dispatch office manager or supervisor (on company letterhead) that states that you have been performing the duties of Assistant Dispatcher for at least one year or more, and his letter will be placed in your permanent student record. This is a strict requirement of the Dallas/Fort Worth FAA Flight Standards District Office.

We'll take you 8 hours a day in the classroom and you'll receive 40 hours of intensive review and training. Our job is to do a complete review of aviation topics, and then enhance your knowledge and skills in more advanced topics. The following areas are covered in class: Aviation Weather Theory, Weather Charts, Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Systems, Weight and balance, Boeing 737-800 Cockpit Instruments, Domestic and Global Navigation Systems, IFR High Altitude En-route Charts, IFR Approach Plates, ILS Category I,II, and III Approach and Landing Minimums, the U.S. Air Traffic Control System, Special Use Airspace, FAR 121 Airline Regulations, Advanced Flight Planning, and Airline Operational Control Concepts.

Our goal is to highly polish and fine-tune your skills in preparation to meet the FAA examiner. Most of our advanced students are diamonds in the rough, each having very strong, and yet different, diversified aviation backgrounds. Our job is to identify weak spots and strengthen those areas.

Plan Monday through Friday classroom training with the instructors, and study hard at night in your hotel room. The FAA Oral/Practical exam will usually take place at 0800 on Saturday morning. On average, the exam lasts approximately 3-4 hours. It will take you about two hours to do the practical (flight plan), then another hour or two for the Oral Exam. This is the primary course we offer, thus success rate is extremely high.

Extended Range Twin-Engine Operations

I.F.O.D. offers a complete course in International Flight Planning Operations & Extended Range Twin-Engine Operations (commonly referred to as ETOPS). It's offered in conjunction with our 5 week FAA Aircraft Dispatcher license course, and is included as part of our complete Flight Dispatcher training program.

The ETOPS program is an essential segment of our total over-all Airline Dispatcher training curriculum. It gives our students the edge out in the airline industry.

Remember, the instructors at I.F.O.D. are very experienced, major airline Flight Dispatchers. We've got years and years of experience in the international flight operations arena. It's what we do every day (except our days off). We were involved in earliest days of ETOPS, when it was in the testing phase with the FAA, and we actually participated in the certification process. Choose our school. Think about it. Why go to some school that just teaches theory, and has never done it in the real world. This is a brutal fact for our competition, however, it's true.

Some schools feel it necessary to charge several hundred dollars for this training course. However, the staff at I.F.O.D. feels that it is important that each of our graduates be trained in this international curriculum, therefore we include it as the conclusion of our regular program at no fee.

The International Flight Operations/ETOPS course is conducted on the Monday following graduation from our 5 Week Dispatcher program. It is a separate specialized training course.

All of our graduates attend this training course and receive an International Flight Operations / ETOPS Certificate of Completion.

What you'll learn about ETOPS (Extended Twin Engine Operations)

  • The FAA's 60 Minute Rule
  • The 75-minute, 120-minute, 180-minute Rules and as of January 2007 the 240 minute Rule
  • Decision Making & Selection of En Route Alternates & Weather Minimums
  • Equal Time Points & Critial Fuel Requirements
  • International Flight Planning & Route Selection Criteria
  • North Atlantic Track System - NATS & en-route Plotting Charts
  • FAR 121 Federal Aviation Regulations / Flag Air Carrier Rules
  • Extended Range Entry Points
  • Engine Loss / Emergency Procedures - Diversion to En-Alternate
  • Jeppesen JetPlan Flight Planning on Over-Water Routes
  • International NOTAMS - Notices to Airmen
  • Long-Range Navigation Systems - Inertial Navigation (INS) &
  • Captain/Flight Dispatcher Joint Authority/Decision Making