The management staff of are proud to introduce the Institute of Flight Operations and Dispatch's Aircraft Dispatcher Job placement service also . We are continuing the tradition of providing quality dispatch training and certification, and are expanding our services to include new fields. We will provide new and exciting services to a variety of aviation companies, both domestic and international. You will be informed of some of our new projects and services here shortly. IFOD's placement assistance program for Domestic Students stands at 100% to date. Majority of our Dispatcher students are offered jobs during their training . Number of airlines visit our state of the art Campus a  the American Airlines Training Center and offer our students jobs in the Dispatch Field. Our international students have gone on Dispatcher Carriers in number for world wide airlines.

We are in the process of setting up an Dispatcher Alumni Blog that would assist the "Dispatcher Networking", thus our alumni and assist each other.

If you received your dispatch license from our institution, you can still come back for refresher training and job assistance training. We will continue to send out news-letters (mostly by email), and they will include employment news. Please feel free to share this information with your friends. However, if you do not want to receive any of this correspondence just reply to this email and state so, and we will remove you from the list. We will also start to mail out aviation related news, and if you want to receive this (free) correspondence please give us your current mailing address. You can send it to us by email or regular US postal mail.

We will maintain a current job listing on this email and ask you to contact us if you have any updates.