Vice President / Finance

Personal Highlights:

Sarah Wateska has been with the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center since day the very first day of operation. She and her husband Richard Wateska founded the school in 1991.

Born in Akrotiri, Cyprus, Sarah lived most of her life in the Far East, growing up in Hong Kong and Singapore. She later attended private boarding school in Somerset, England at Millfield School, on a full athletic scholarship. From the age of 9 through 22, Sarah was an international swimmer for Great Britain, and competed in the 1976 Olympic Trials in Montreal, Canada. She was Hong Kong Swim Champion for many years.

Sarah lived in Dusseldorf, West Germany for 14 years, and speaks fluent German. She worked for Hapag Lloyd German Charter Airlines for 8 years, where she worked as an Airport Operations and Weight/Balance Agent. During her last 2 years in Germany, Sarah was employed by American Airlines, where she performed the duties of Airport Operations Agent.

During the Fall of 1990, She spent 3 months temporary duty in Rome, Italy, where she and 2 other highly experienced European Operations agents worked the U.S. military CRAF (Civil Reserve Air Fleet) mission during Operation Desert Storm and the Gulf War. She represented American Airlines as the Flight Operations Specialist, coordinating the operational side of the troop airlift movements (from Rome to Saudi Arabia). Sarah received high marks and special recognition from American Airlines's President Robert Crandall, for her excellent performance during the Gulf War operation

While in Rome, Sarah had the chance to meet alot of U.S. miltary guys and gals who were en-route from the U.S.A. via Rome (re-fueling stop), to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf War action. During many days, Sarah and the other CRAF team members worked just about around the clock in order to perform quick-turns on the American Airlines DC10.

While Sarah was in Rome during the CRAF missions, her husband Richard Wateska was back in Fort Worth, Texas, working in the AA System Operations Control Center.

He planned and dispatched many of the troop movement flights from Rome to Saudi Arabia. Richard first met Sarah while communicating with her long distance over the telephone and on AA's computer system. Later, they got together in Dusseldorf, Germany and in London, and finally married.

Sarah is an integral team member at the Airline Flight Dispatcher Training Center.  She helps manage the day to day administrative functions of our training organization. If you call our school and get Sarah on the phone, you will immediately recognize her by the unmistakable English accent. She's proud to be British and will be quick to tell you so!

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